Flexible Engineering

RIBES wing Workshop

Flexible Engineering

The workshop “Flexible Engineering Toward Green Aircraft” was yeld, December 14th, in Rome at the University of Rome “Tor Vergata”.
A webex connection was arranged to allow following the event online.
At the following links is possible to download the presentations:

Marco E. Biancolini (Associate Professor – University of Rome “Tor Vergata”),
FSI Tools atTor Vergata

Paolo Colombo (Global Aerospace & Defense Industry Director – ANSYS),
Digitalization of Aerospace & Defense

Emiliano Costa (Project Manager – RINA Consulting),
Reshaping the future of aircraft design

Fabrizio Nicolosi (Associate Professor – University of Naples “Federico II”),
Aeroelastic Experimental measurements on the RIBES wing

Ubaldo Cella (Senior Researcher – Design Methods),
High Fidelity FSI analysis methods and their validation within the EU RIBES project

Franco Mastroddi (Associate Professor – University of Rome “La Sapienza”),
Some issues and challenges on aeroelastic modelling and multi-disciplinary design of aero-space vehicles

Domenico Quagliarella (Head of the Multidisciplinary Analysis and Design Group – CIRA),
Robust Aerodynamic Design of a Supersonic Wing-Body for Natural Laminar Flow

Massimiliano Genta (Design Loads Engineer – Piaggio Aerospace),
Interaction between gusts and loads of highly flexible wings: the AeroGust EU project